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2016 Pino Harvest

The 2016 was a quick harvest, starting under temperatures in the high 50’s.



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2014 Naylor Cabernet Harvest

We started the harvest today at 5:00 am under a cloudless sky with temperatures around 70 degrees. The Pinot Noir was picked in August making this our final harvest of 2014.

This year was not an easy one for grapevines in Monterey County. There was no significant rain until March, and totals were a small fraction of normal rainfall. We also had an unfortunately timed storm which brought rain during pollination. These two unlucky conditions led to one of our lowest producing years on record.

The good news is that the harsh conditions will lead to a more complex wine. Of course reduced production also means fewer bottles of wine. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting updates as we know more about the 2014.


A closeup of the cabernet sauvignon grapes that were part of Duncan’s second harvest.



This is a photo of Duncan driving down into the vineyard under the silhouette of Chalone Peak.



Duncan works on the water system before sunrise. The Dry Hole Vineyard is located at the base of the Pinnacles National Park and is an good place to watch the sun rise.



Cecelia dumps the last lug of cabernet sauvignon grapes from the Dry Hole Vineyard. For optimal sugar content, and to avoid the heat, the harvest was completed before sunrise.



Netting over the Pinot Noir grapes with the Pinnacles National Park in the background.



The 2014 harvest complete, Duncan drives up to the house to get breakfast.



After harvest the vines remain covered in netting and without grapes. The leaves have already started to change into the fall colors.



The netting covering the vines.



Looking east towards the Pinnacles shows the red dawn and highlights the rocks of Pinnacles National Park.



Grape growers all over Northern California are reporting a light year because of the drought. To increase the yield, Duncan goes over the vines a second time to collect any remaining clusters.



Duncan working on the water system higher up on the hill with the oak trees and yellow fields below.



Duncan preparing to deliver the cab harvest to the Winery.



Walking back up hill after the final water system maintenance.


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